MIRAGGIO celebrates artisanal wonder.

The pursuit of a philosophy of life in cashmere in contrast to the trend of mass commodity masquerading under the guise of luxury.

MIRAGGIO was launched to maintain the continuity of peerless manufacture by Biellese artisans not content to commoditize cashmere but to revel in what is possible.

Super oxygenated water cascading down from the alps, Biella is a perfect storm of natural resources.

The key ingredient for cashmere softness is water, however it is a rare, special type that is required. the waters cascading down from the alps are exceptionally super-oxygenated, unique in the world… the result is a product of unmatched purity. this is what differentiates Biellese cashmere, with 800 years of craftsmanship and a passion for a life in cashmere there is no substitute.

A unique blend of artisanal tradition and cutting-edge innovation

Among the plentiful renowned mills and weavers, a select elite outshines with their longevity, family-run heritage and reputations for exceptionally elevated cashmere fabrics. With a focus on excellence, tradition and, above all, creativity, Biella has cemented its place as the center of the universe for Italian luxury fabrics.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with MIRAGGIO, the leader in artisanal cashmere technology. 


At MIRAGGIO a New generation of weavers, wefters, & trestle combers focus on cutting-edge processes, environmental responsibility and use of the latest green technologies; MIRAGGIO assumes the mantle of leading research & development, patenting the newest machinery and proprietary processes. Those who understand cashmere know it is synonymous with Biella. …and those who understand luxe complicity know it is MIRAGGIO.

the Zero11 mill has equipped itself with both top-tier expertise and cultivated relationships with neighboring mills to make use of best minds in cashmere to incorporate the ‘one hit wonders’ into a greatest hits album.

TREACLES AND TEASING, what Biella is about.

Sharing expertise is a hallmark of the amicable atmosphere of Biella, Alongside the abundance of pristine natural waters that are crucial for the purest washing and dyes, the mill taps the local experts to spot the finest thistle flowers required for a unique finishing technique known as teasing. This time-honoured process uses brushes made from this wondrous flower to create different levels of dense fluff on the fabric, thereby creating a denser, softer, warmer fabric that traps air between the fibers for natural insulation.

A sustainable approach.

Cashmere by default is an organic material…..respecting the animals, people and lands is a natural progression. The processes in the countries of origin are thousands of years old and unfortunately pollute. That’s why they’ve made every effort to create a product that doesn’t sacrifice the nature and humanity that goes into it. We value diversity, gender equality and security, seeing this as a way to retain the talent necessary for a superior product.

Carbon footprint reduction, animal welfare, and traceability. All of this culminates in their partnerships with university labs, independent Research and Development ateliers, and other manufacturers to improve responsible craftsmanship throughout the industry while promoting Biella’s rich heritage and empowering future generations


The purity of pursuit in cashmere is not suited to the internet… downgrading the cashmere experience to make it readily available is anathema to our raison d’etre, one cannot feel the hand, appreciate the details, and get lost in the touch, drinking in the experience and enveloping the luxury from a computer screen.



Painstakingly laborious – a tribute to the lengths of cashmere excellence. not seen in Europe for centuries – this lost art died with the advent of warp and weft machines. To bring this ultimate luxury back required unyielding dedication, years of training and patience. For those who the best is not good enough.

In throws, stoles, and shawls, a wildly understated luxe appreciated by its owners, to be handed down and enjoyed for generations.


As the name intimates this is a ‘pressed’ technology; giving a vintage indestructible softness, a 10 ply hand that is a favorite of the cashmere cognoscenti.  Doublefaced and whipstitch friendly, this can be bespoke with writing or prints.



Developed by Zero11 14 years ago this has been the linchpin of our brand. A staple at Bergdorf Goodman, it is a doublesided contrasting print, what makes it so special is that MIRAGGIO uses the original craftsmen, their expertise in the holographic details, like mediaeval artisans, is the essence of italian brilliance.



The newest evolution in cashmere exceptionalism. REVERSO AJOUR  is the exceptional process of taking 2-3 printed Reverso throws (4-6 prints), cut, matched, handsewn with ajour embroidery.

Throws finished with a tonal suede / Leather border – best leather in the business.
also available handmade whipstitch on a level of its own.

Stoles & shawls – handfringed agneau plongee leather strips (HERMES uses this), uncompromised luxury with the AJOUR EMBROIDERY.
simple luxury of incredible complication.

Blankets 280×300 cm, using 4 REVERSO AJOUR throws then attached by ajour embroidery, an overlay of luxury for the fantastically chic.

Seamless kingsize cashmere blankets 270 cm x 290 cm. Machine so massive they take up a small factory, necessary to avoid the snapping of cashmere threads, beautiful neutrals in different finishes.


Innovated by Zero11, doublesided contrasting prints, one on either side of throws stoles, shawls, collectible as no designs are archived – in Limited edition, numbered pieces that take days to hand finish, with a new handsewn sewn border used by the top Brands, simple luxe of incredible complication.

The secret is in the details, only possible courtesy of biellese craftsmanship: the session guitarists of cashmere, we bring in the best of Biella and give carte blanche to augment design and holographic detailing in the print files, a unique cacophony of wild Italian creativity flows throughout, a latticework of symphonic mastery, the secret sauce of MIRAGGIO.

  • Stock service 8/10 day delivery
  • No minimums – a completely new doubleface solid finish, whipstitch available 
  • New florence € 295 – handfringe
  • New melrose € 385 – 2 sided whipstich+ handfringe 
  • New provence € 395 4 sided whipstitch 

whipstitch options

With a new, state of the art whipstitch machine and handmade whipstitch we offer every option possible to further the bespoke experience.


The imprimatur of any brand are their proprietary creations, MIRAGGIO is the perfect conduit to achieve these pieces-  imbued with the dream team of technology & craftsmanship there is absolutely nothing that can’t be translated from the drafting table to the store display.


There can only be one. MIRAGGIO is a philosophy of life in cashmere. Sharing representation in close proximity is not an option and frankly tiresome. Let the best store enjoy the product unfettered.


2.5 MARGINS, a more attractive pricepoint and more realistic selling point.