We believe that experimentation and research form the basis for inspiration, and together with our excellence in international fashion, makes our company a leader in the sector. We offer an extended range of accessories, covering different categories and types of products.
With our collection of jacquard patterns, along with exclusive high-end prints, our company can meet the most diverse market needs with environmentally sustainable industrial processes.

Thanks to the various capabilities developed internally, our company is able to guarantee clients a full-service approach, from the R&D to the prototype, to every step of the production (weaving of the fabric, dyeing, printing and finishing)

With the benefit of our in-house Cad Jacquard design studio, and state-of-the-art looms, our company has developed a comprehensive range of designs having a maximum thickness of 140cm (and, theoretically speaking, an unlimited length). Our fabric offering is based upon type and composition, resulting in solutions having different weights, textures and appearances; offering customers tailor-made solutions to individual requirements.

Our industrial production process allows for the product to be reproduced on a large scale level, still maintaining the beauty and preciousness of a handcrafted item.

It is important to note that with our innovative industrial processes, the goal now more than ever is to create product awareness in terms of respect for the environment and improving quality of life.